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Trustee's Message

Many things are changing at the lodge and in the social room. We are trying to get more activities that

will appeal to all of our members. The Aerie and Auxiliary are doing dinners and we are scheduling some

music in conjunction with these activities as well as having Karaoke on off Fridays as well.

We understand that Friday Karaoke is popular but it is also important to provide activities for as many

members as possible. I know that both the men and women need to have more help with activities if

they are to continue because we have a very few people doing the work and we don't want to burn our

hard workers out.


The Trustees would like to thank all the members that have been supporting the dinners and social room

to make our lodge a success. Thanks go out to all members that showed up last Saturday to help with the

kitchen clean up.  Several people worked for hours to bring order to the kitchen area and make it a lot

cleaner.  If you use the kitchen in the future, please clean up after yourself, and, if you have food left over

try to sell it to member, or dispose of it in a way that it will get used.  If the social room can use it fine, but

if not please don't store it in the fridge or the freezer to go to waste and make another thing someone else

will have to clean up and dispose of.


It was brought up at the last Aerie meeting that we should have a web site.  During the discussion the fact

that this type of communication should be handled through the office was discussed and Trustee John Bedini

has been working diligently on a new web site.  He had some proto-types for others that were present at the

kitchen clean up to view and it did look very impressive.  It has gone live so check it out at or Google at Hayden Lake Eagles will also get you there.


Please read your bulletin to find out activities planned for the upcoming month and enjoy our lodge and

social room.  Keep in mind it is your Aerie and Auxiliary.


The Trustees

7th Annual Cancer Survivor Dinner. April 18

Our first meeting will be February 2nd at the Lodge at 6:30.  If you would like to help, volunteer or donate

it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions call Ray Potter at 208-704-9425

Nancy Morris 208-772-3841

Linda Reiter 819-3295


I just thought I would put this little message here. We have one of the best Facilities here at the 4080 so let's put

our differences behind us and pull together to support our Aerie to make it the best. Thank you for your

 support with the Web Pages. If you see an error then contact me as I'm going as fast as I can to make

it happen.


Karaoke At The Eagles


Events Scheduled

Check our Dinners here or the News Letter

 Sunday March 15Th 5:30 to 7:30 Corned Beef and cabbage, red potatoes, carrots, rolls and cake.
Danny Middleton Band 6:30 To 10:30
March 21st  Aerie Dinner Chicken Fried Chicken
Karaoke Dale & Eileen


Our dinner tonight was a big success. We had a good turnout thanks to the kitchen crew and supporting members.

Thanks Jack and crew for the Chicken Fried Chicken (Excellent Job)



Camping News!!

 We will have our annual Eagles camp out in July. Once again, we are going to Lost Moose Campground, which is 8 miles south of Cataldo, Idaho. This takes place July 10th,11th and 12th. Lost Moose is taking reservations now. Remember, reservations are on first come, first serve basis. Contact Lost Moose at 208-682-3555. Todd will provide us with Karaoke/music around the campfire. On Saturday, we have a potluck. Then on Sunday we have a group breakfast where everybody donates something to make a scrumptious meal. There are plenty of places to ride ATV's & to go fishing. Come on and join the is always a blast.
Questions Call me at 208-699-3179
Gerri Layson
                                Lost Moose Campground.                

From The Aerie Secretary's Desk 

The holidays are over and the new year is apon us. I would like to thank Barb for her many years of service to the Aerie and all of it's members. She has done so very much for Hayden Lake both in the old building and in the new one as well. If you still see her around here a great deal do not be surprised. Also would like to thank John Bedini on his hard work on the new Website he is building.

Whether we like it or not times are changing. Our membership is back up at 572 even though we have lost some priceless members this past year due to their passing away. We Can't afford to loose one of our Aerie members with dues renewal time. The Social Room is not doing what it was 3 or 4 years ago. This means that we are having to use our surplus funds to maintain the level we did then. It is not because of one issue except lack of member participation. This decline has been occurring the last 3-4 years by social room activity. As the Trustees and officers look for different ways to generate either in the Aerie or the RV area we need to realize that we must do our part. That means stop in and visit with other members in the Social Room, grab a burger on Fridays lunch or afternoon, come in and listen to the music or have dinner with us here. If you have not been here for Bingo on Saturdays you are missing out on having fun and helping out local charities. Just like Uncle Sam used to say, "WE NEED YOU". We will never all agree on how things should be done, but on this we must agree, we need each other to make sure this Aerie is around in future years. I will be sharing our financial position each month with you to let you know where we are at. Do you realize it takes about $18,000 a month to pay the bills here not including my stipend. That includes when we have equipment breakdowns and repairs. We need every single member to stop in and enjoy your Aerie.


Ron-Aerie Secretary