Aerie 4080 Kitchen



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We serve lunch and dinner on Friday from 2:00 to 7:30 


                                                                                                          Cody at work                                                                                                                

                  Friday Menu

        Burger  W/Fries                                   $5.00

        Double Burger W/Fries                        $6.00

        Chicken Sandwich W/Fries                 $4.00                                               

        Chicken Basket W/Fries and Ranch     $7.00

        Hot Dog                                               $2.00

        German Sausage                                   $3.00

        Large Fries                                           $2.00

        Small Fries                                           $1.00

                Burgers Hand Made With Fresh Ground Beef


Aerie and Auxiliary members working together

To keep our kitchen clean.





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